The Veterinary Hospital of Fregis: a dedicated multi-specialty center for your pet in Paris - Medicine

The Veterinary Hospital of Fregis: a dedicated multi-specialty center for your pet in Paris

The team is now composed of almost 40 veterinarians, with about half of them being specialists, and a quarter of them having practiced or trained in North America or England.

The Internal Medicine Service at the CHV Frégis.

The medicine service is led by Dr. Hernandez (European and American College of Internal Medicine) and composed of a team of 6 veterinarians. Rounds are held each morning and evening with all persons involved in the care (managers, residents, interns , specialized veterinary assistant) allowing for constant monitoring each animal. These rounds are an opportunity for collective reflection on complex cases. The service of internal medicine diagnoses and treat diseases including, but not limited to: diseases of the endocrine system (Addison, diabetes mellitus, Cushings), diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (vomiting, diarrhea, regurgitation, chronic gastritis, megaesophagus, esophageal foreign body, esophageal stricture , etc), diseases of the urogenital system (urinary incontinence, dysuria, hematuria, renal insufficiency, ectopic ureters, urinary calculi, urethral or bladder tumors, urethral stenting , etc), diseases of the respiratory system (cough, dyspnea, sneezing, nasal discharge, pneumonia, rhinitis, laryngeal paralysis, tracheal collapse, tracheal stenting , etc), hematologic diseases and immune disease (fever of unknown origin, anemia, polyarthritis, diseases of the bone marrow, etc), liver disease (jaundice, hepatitis, portosytemic shunt, cholangitis), pancreatic diseases, diseases of the lymphatic and cardiovascular system, infectious diseases and neoplasia (lymphoma , carcinoma, fibrosarcoma, etc).


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